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Below are the members who have supported our network the most in the last month and in turn we want to support them

Congratulations, to our Top 3 Members Last Month.

Featured BOSs’S Charities

Charities need us. Right here in our community there are people who are worse of than we are. Donating to a charity can make all the difference in someone’s life. It is also important to hear what the charities are about, what they are doing and raising awareness. If we all did just a little together, it would really make a difference.”

Featured BOSs’S Volunteers

We are grateful for our volunteers. We appreciate all your help. Thank you for supporting us. You really do make a difference.

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Technology as we Age

The first time I was forced to think about this was when my then 93-year-old dad asked me to get him a phone that he could ‘go on the internet’...

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Women in technology

Twenty-four years ago, after giving birth to my son and it was time to return to work I knew for sure that it was time for a career change. I was working as a nutritional specialist and I did not enjoy my job...