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Muffett Alexander

Muffett Alexander

Elzah Solutions Inc.

Technical and Creative Director

Muffett Alexander is an entrepreneur and a software solutions developer. She has been a software developer since 1997 and has played major roles in the development of enterprise application. In 2012 she a manager in a large corporation in Canada. In 2017 Muffett Alexander started Elzah Solutions Inc. a software development company that focuses on the development of EBIS-pro a business information management System. Muffett Alexander is currently a third-year student at York University where she is pursuing a Bachelor of commerce, information Technology. She holds a Computer Programmer Analyst diploma and a Network and Internet Security Specialist diploma. Before migrating to Canada in 1988 Muffett Alexander worked as a High school teacher after attained her teaching certification from MICO Teacher’s College in association with The University of the West Indies. In 2014 she attained a Business Analyst certification from the university Of Toronto in 2014.
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    Together Creating 8/16/2019 2:21:12 PM

    Jacqueline Bos

    I had an idea of what I wanted for my website to be like. I didn't know if these idea's were even possible. I never came across a website like the one that I conjured up in my head. Right from the beginning, I felt comfortable sharing my ideas with Muffett. She listened intently and thought about how we could implement these ideas. Even my best ideas were made better, because of Muffett's knowledge. This project was our project. We closely worked together towards our final project. It was a process, not rushed. Every week, every month, I saw my ideas come alive. What I was seeing was much more than just a website. And to think this is only phase 1. Muffett, is exceptional in what she does. There is no doubt. She is also appreciative, warm, funny, patient, and a great teacher. It has been quite a journey!

“Have faith not fear.” – Wes Moore