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All that I am: Creating Your inner Spirit Recipe

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How many times have you found yourself reflecting of something that you think you should have done but didn’t because you couldn’t find the courage to let go of what seem to be familiar to you for something that seem uncertain. Is there something that your gut tells you that should be doing but you always manage to talk yourself out of in exchange for something that seem more sensible. Something that is logical? Six months ago, I found myself compelled to write and publish this book: “All that I am: Creating Your inner Spirit Recipe.” I have never considered myself to be a writer nor did I think I would ever be talking about who we are internally. The only think I know about myself for sure is that I have always been curious about how things work and how they were put together.  I guess this sort of curiosity lead me to becoming a computer programmer.  It might have also had something to do with the fact that I had recently taken what I call “the plunge” by quitting my full-time so called “good job” to start a business so, when I say that writing a book was not on my radar, I really mean it. You can understand then that the book is not a scholarly publication but an inspirational look how we define who we are by the choices we make.  It forces the reader to take a second look at what they know about fear and to consider that perhaps fear is just a misunderstood tool that we use to accomplish our goals. It discusses ego as not necessarily something to get rid yourself of but perhaps it is also a tool that we need to take charge of and allow it to help us to shine when necessary. It also shows how by understanding role belief and faith, surrender we can take the steps to embrace the person we can we have the potential to become.
The objective of the book is to inspire readers to explore the parts of their personality that they might consider negative to love all of who we are. It encourages the users to see themselves a separate from all these tools and to use the tools to their advantage. The book is a very short read, and this was intentional. I would love for you to read it and send me you feedback. You can obtain a copy at the back of the room for $15.00 including tax. You can also find it or for $15.00 for a hard copy or $5.99 for an e-book. 

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Muffett Alexander

Elzah Solutions Inc.
Technical and Creative Director